My whole life I have wanted to entertain. Right after highschool, I moved to Los Angeles in hopes of chasing my dreams. I was everywhere trying to get seen. I started doing acting and acquired a small role on NBCs 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Melrose Place.I went to a comedy show one night at The Laugh Factory and fell in love with it. I began writing but never had the courage to get up on stage. It wasnt til 2010 when I did my first open mic. I sucked, but fell in love with her right awa

 I came out of the gates like a bat out of hell. Within, 6 months, I was getting paid gigs, sponsorships, and touring to different cities. I was the feature act for big named comedians such as Aries Spears, Bill Bellamy, Jason Resler, and Willie Barcena, to name a few. Things were great. Then I was arrested for mortgage fraud. Apparently the Federal Government does not like you falsifying documents to help people save their homes from foreclosure. So seven years after I assisted some families save their houses, I was arrested and sentenced to two years in a Federal Prison.

But I did not allow this to get me down or define me. I remained in the public’s eyes through my letters, and received tons of fan mail during my stay. When, I was finally released in September 2014, I immediately stepped back on stage, and told my story titled, “Turning a New Leaf” I have since told my story to thousands of people. I have used my story to inspire others through laughter while giving hope to a better future. Since my release, I have opened for Snoop Dogg, and have taken my story on tour. Currently I am writing a book to tell my story, my side of everything that has happened. Though I am labeled a comedian, I consider myself a story-teller. Come listen to my story when I am in your town.

  1. Patrice Mahoney says:

    Hey Leaf I wanted to let you know that my education, career and life experience includes working in prisons as a counselor in the maximum security institutions. I realize you will be incarcerated at a Federal Prison however you still have constitutional rights regardless of where incarcerated. As a counselor I am a huge advocate for inmate rights, education and program availability. I may be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the process.

    Please feel free to call 916.572.0491 or email me at patricemahoney117@gmail.com.

    Additionally my life experience also includes incarceration, several times. My first arrest was at 15 in 1968. You are not alone Leaf.
    Peace Out~

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